what to consider before purchasing ambirad!
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Purchasing an energy efficient heating solution like ambirad and roof ventilation will be dependent on factors such as what needs will it meet and what is the capacity of the space which it will serve? The heating solution meets the needs of industrial, commercial, public and private sector customers.

Planning which entails answering the above questions on needs to be satisfied and space is definitely an essential consideration to be made by a contractor, facility manager or yourself before purchasing an ambirad heating solution.

Cost analysis is very important before purchase so as to prevent over-paying and also it is also crucial to be sure of the originality of the product to prevent situation where a copy of it will be delivered to you. There are situations where brands are duplicated in the market and substandard heating solutions are purchased by customers who are easily swayed by the low cost of the solution rather than the originality.

The environmental friendly energy solution manufacturers should be ready to offer services which include investigating site visit and assistance with system design and detailed schematic drawings, running cost and payback calculation, liaise with installation contractors, and warranty work and other full range services which ensure optimum product performance.

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