Main Conference Day Two: Thursday, 24 February 2011

08.30 Day Two Welcome Coffee

09.00 Opening Remarks From The Chair

Utilising Effective Financial Management to Deliver Successful Projects

09.10 District Heating & Cooling Infrastructure Solutions in Asia: Commercial & Legal Considerations

This presentation will assist Government Departments, Utility companies, Developers, Lenders, Investors, Contractors, and Operators understand the most common issues faced in planning and delivering district energy projects in Asia. Using case studies as examples, the presentation will focus on:

  • Deal Structuring: including the contractual structures that are being used in international markets, including the Middle East
  • Stakeholder Issues: water source, end user demand, offtake guarantees, billing & collection issues
  • Project Phasing: Phasing of Capacity & Temporary Chilling/Heating
  • Construction Issues: Reticulation Network/Centralized Plant interconnection issues
  • Legal Issues: regulation, land laws/network easements, force majeure, bankability issues for project financed deals

Tim M. Burbury
King & Spalding

09.50 Case Study From World Bank: District Heating In China

  • Understanding from a bank’s perspective: What are the program objectives
  • Bank’s instruments and initiatives in China
  • Key project implementations and outcomes of district heating in China
  • District heating in the Liaoning province: challenges and benefits
  • Where to go from here – the next steps?

Gailius Draugelis
Team Leader, China Energy Programs
World Bank

10.30 Morning Tea & Networking Break

11.00 Case Study: Learning From The Largest Cogeneration Project In China - CHP Project At New International Convention And Exposition Centre Chengdu Century City

  • Outlining the project design and sharing outcome from project phase 1
  • Highlighting the objectives and challenges for project phase 2
  • Ensuring reliability and efficiency with advanced equipment: 10KW gas turbine generator with a boiler to supply steam
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions with natural gas as energy source

Yang Jinjun
Chief Engineer
Chengdu Century New Energy

Best Practices on Sustainability

11.40 Case Study: Creating Singapore’s First Eco Business Park

  • Strategies for designing a low carbon business park
  • Masterplanning a new business park to fit into a natural setting in a way that minimises environmental impact
  • Achieving emission reduction and energy efficiency through masterplanning and design
  • Sharing on Singapore’s Large Scale Living Laboratory for test bedding of clean technology and urban solutions for the tropics

Tang Wai Yee
Director (Aerospace, Marine & CleanTech)
JTC Corporation

12.20 Model Based Design And Operation For Green Buildings And District Energy Supply System

  • Key design considerations for district energy supply
  • Operational challenges for district energy supply
  • Model based design and operation approach
  • Case study sharing

Chaoqin Zhai
Technical Director

13.00 Lunch & Networking Break

14.00 What Can We Learn From The District Cooling Business Model In The Middle East?

  • Overview On The Development Of The District Cooling Market In The Middle East For The Past Few Years
  • Identifying The Best Strategies To Deliver A District Cooling Plant Project
  • Uncovering The Success Factors Of The Industry Business Model Development: What Can Be Learnt?
  • Examining The Industry Collaborations From The Customer, The Operator And The Project Team
  • Where Are The Potentials Of Improvement?
  • Sharing The District Cooling Scheme, Models And Challenges Of Some Of The Key Projects In The Middle East

Khalil Atieh, Msc., ICMA
Vice President, UAE
Jain & Partners

14.40 District Cooling Plant Energy Efficiency Improvement With Better Delta T Controls And Using Thermal Energy Storage System

  • Optimising plant energy efficiency via Delta T improvement at generation plant and end user
  • Benefits of DCS performance with thermal energy storage via performance and efficiency based strategies
  • Sharing experiences from real life case studies

LOH Soon Wah
UAT Air Conditioning Sdn. Bhd

15.20 Afternoon Tea & Networking Break

15.50 Improving District Cooling And Heating Efficiency With Green Building Initiatives

  • Reducing cooling and heating loads with tightlysealed buildings that have better insulation and high-efficiency glazing
  • Designing green concept into the building for sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Case studies on integrating district cooling and heating with green building technologies

Raymond Yau
Director, Building Sustainability

16.30 Best Practice Case Studies on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in Europe and Australia

  • Utilising heat from the power generation for heat supply
  • Building a cogeneration/trigeneration plant for CHP systems
  • Examining the most recent technology development in CHP

Paul S Woods
Technical Director, Sustainability, Building Engineering

Kriston Symons
Global Sector Leader ,District Energy and Central Plant

17.10 Examining The Role Of DHC In Large Scale Integration Of Intermittent Renewables

  • Developing a holistic approach to heating and cooling needs with an integrated DHC system
  • Examining various intermittent renewables as energy sources for DHC
  • Building a business case of wind power in DHC

Morten Boje Blarke
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., M.Sc. Eng., Department of Development and Planning
Aalborg University (Denmark)

Soren Christensen
Understanding the Technical and Operational Challenges of Replacing Existing Heating or Cooling Systems with District Energy Concept in China

17.50 Chair’s Summary And Q&A End Of Conference